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At DARE DISRUPT we specialize in communicating about, and educating in Exponential Technologies and Exponential Organizations that are currently disrupting business and society as we know it. We offer talks, workshops and educational sessions to get you past “now” and provide you with a glimpse of what is to come. By introducing you to new tools and paradigms, we want to disrupt you in the most amazingly constructive way so that you will be capable of developing products and services which fit your future market place.


What we offer

Talks - Face the Future

Exponential Thinking - Exponential Technologies and disruptive innovation

Exponential Practice - Exponential Organizations and unlimited productivity


Strategy disruption

Product and service disruption

Organizational disruption


Deep dive for top management into Exponential Technologies

Focus areas


With brick n' mortar banks turning obsolete, artificial intelligence operating in the stock market, cryptocurrency being on the rise and its underlying technology- blockchain, transforming the way we transact and build trust, it is easy to say that the financial market is evolving. How do we ensure the future success of our investments and capital? 


Wearable gadgets to monitor our health condition, genome sequencing and soon customized 3D printed medicine and our very own 'Dr. Watson' - available with a touch of a button on our smartphones. As we gain transparency of and ownership over our body, everything points towards increased longevity and a transformation in how we deliver healthcare.


As the world is changing faster than ever before, what we teach today is old tomorrow. Our smartphone in our pocket enables us to more information than the US president had in the 80s, and the global data pool is growing bigger with each second passing. To ensure that we comprehend the changing world we must strive in educating ourselves towards adapting a new mindset.


When artificial intelligence plans the supply chain and monitors the assembly line of robots and 3D printers, we move out of the factory. We now move closer to our end customer and into the lab exploring 4D printing and nanotechnology. What does it look like to produce for individual needs? And with materials yet to be discovered?