DareDisrupt once again spearheads the development with two bold initiatives

DareDisrupt was founded to advocate a mindset of disruption and exponential technology. Now – three years and more than 250 keynotes later – DareDisrupt has reached more than 30,000 people and is constantly expanding its reach and impact. DareDisrupt is the go-to expert in the media and a trusted advisor in official counsels like ‘SIRI – kommissionen’, ‘Regeringens Disruptionsråd’, and counsels under the European Commission. DareDisrupt is also working with many of the C20 companies as well as the new companies shaking the foundation of established business.  

Now DareDisrupt is ready to once again lift the bar and spearhead the development.  

With a network of more than 30 of the most innovative experts and thought leaders, DareDisrupt is today announcing two new initiatives – a strong strategy consulting unit and an education program called Disruptors Academy. With these two initiatives DareDisrupts wants to give organizations the strongest tools available, to create innovative business models and strategies for the future. 

Both initiatives leverage the full network and strategic insight behind DareDisrupt and build on a strong international team with expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Biotech, Blockchain, Computing, Neuroscience, Security and of course, Strategy and Innovation. 

DareDisrupt Consulting helps organizations and businesses understand and utilize exponential technologies and disruption. The strong team of consultants support organizations in getting the right strategies and innovation as well as the right organizational setup and partnership to navigate the future.  

Reach out to Rasmus Bie-Olsen on +45-29139541 or for more information. 

Disruptors Academy is a four-day educational program that teaches the tools necessary to create disruptive innovation. The program will take participants through deep-dives in exponential technology and introduce new business innovation tools, these ranging from Design Thinking, Exponential Organizations, Entrepreneurship and New Ways of Work. Disruptors Academy is delivered in four different editions; Business, Students, Public Sector and Boards 

Reach out to Märtha Rehnberg on +45-60673078 or for more information.  

Visit the new website at

Technology is accelerating at an exponential pace and the ripple effects are changing the market, our business models, work force and society. On the one hand millions of people are at risk of losing their jobs to robots and AI. But at the same time, we are all empowered by new technologies bringing us unseen potential. There have never been more opportunities for new ideas and innovation. If we learn how to face the future with the right mindset, we can change the world.