Danske Bank

Copenhagen, March

I had limited expectations to begin with. After all, how much can you learn about digitalisation in six days? I feared it would be a bunch of basic watered-down notions. The quality of the speakers turned out to be excellent, topics ranging from IT security to the disruptive power of technologies like cryptocurrencies and virtual reality. Nordea needs to elevate its digital IQ. I recommend this course to anyone in the company who wants to understand more about how technology is changing the world and how to adapt.

Luca Falda, Chief Analyst Digital platform Sales

Danske bank

Copenhagen, March

The course has been an eye opener for me. It was like a trip into an advanced high tech future, a future not far from now. The technologies presented at the course have most of us heard of but none of us realized how close they are to materialize in our daily life. These technologies are very likely to affect the traditional banking business and I hope that attending this course is mandatory for Nordea’s top and senior management.

Benjamin Wivel, Senior Controller in Financial & Risk Control

CPH Business 

Copenhagen, February 

At Disruptors Academy, CPH Business students, faculty and corporate partners were significantly challenged on their existing knowledge, habits and mindset by the new paradigms of digitalization and its driving technologies. CPH Business has invited 30 students, 10 Faculty members and 10 corporate partners to 4 intense and very educational days with DAREDISRUPT that confidently curated relevant content and thoughtfully moderated our learning process. At CPH Business we will now continue our journey of creating new opportunities for our students and collaborating corporate partners. Going forward, the great success of Disruptors Academy must be repeated and scaled.

Frank A. Mathiasen, Chief of Innovation and Development

DI Handel

Copenhagen, May

Den digitale udvikling sker eksponentielt og meget hurtigere end vi mennesker kan begribe. Det er derfor essentielt, at vi som handelsvirksomheder forstår og udnytter de nye teknologier til at sikrer vores fremtid. Uddannelsen Disruptors Academy giver de helt rigtige forudsætninger for at forstå og tappe ind i udviklingen – og uddannelsen burde være obligatorisk for alle medlemsvirksomheder i DI Handel!


DI Handel

Copenhagen, May

Disruptors Academy var meget konkret og i forhold til de IOT konferencer, jeg løbende deltager i, fik jeg på 4 dage overblik over alle teknologierne på én gang. Den tætte dialog med eksperter og virksomheder, der er i gang med at udnytte og kombinere teknologierne, gav inspiration. Jeg fik et større indblik i, hvordan vi kan kombinere teknologierne. Det var et komprimeret forløb, hvor vi berigede og inspirerede hinanden og fik udbytte af diskussionerne med andre DI medlemmer fra beslægtede brancher, der sidder med samme udfordringer og muligheder.

Carsten Hansen, Salgsdirektør, SANISTÅL A/S