BLOG POST: Kunstig IntelLigens bliver for 2017, hvad disruption var for 2016

Lad mig starte med en forudsigelse; Kunstig intelligens bliver for 2017, hvad Disruption var for 2016. Kunstig intelligens der får biler til at køre selv, oversætter sprog, hjælper lægen med diagnosticering og advokaten med at få overblik. Kunstig intelligens kommer alle steder og i alle produkter.  Alle virksomheder, som ønsker en plads i fremtiden skal forstå, hvordan kunstig intelligens vil påvirke deres produkt.


INTERVIEW: Märtha at Schilling Executive Publishing Meeting

Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting 2016

Märtha Rehnberg is a trained political economist, an expert on 3D printing, and entrepreneur. She has held talks on the international scene about technological intuition and has moderated global events on 3D printing and digital production. She is currently Associate Partner at DareDisrupt that focuses on digital production, disruption for environmental preservation, and technological intuition in the application of artificial intelligence.




Disruption er et buzz word, som efterhånden dækker alt muligt og nogle gange måske også for meget. Märtha Rehnberg fra Dare Disrupt forklarer hvad disruption er og hvad det ikke er. Vi får også styr på betegnelsen teknologisk intuition, og hvad det betyder for vores fremtid med teknologi. Og så er vi tilbage ved facebook trollen Felix Andersen. Felix afslørede i fredags at folkene bag profilen var to kendte danske mediemennesker. Men var det nu også det? Og hvis han ikke er dem hvem er han så? Felix har sendt Elektronista en video. Og så har mediet Altinget sammensat et panel som skal forholde sig til facebooks rolle i mediebilledet. Panelet består af 9 mænd og 0 kvinder. Det er er der en del der undrer sig over. Vi har spørger Altinget hvad de egentlig selv tænker nu. Gæster Märtha Rehnberg fra Dare Disrupt og Mia Amalie Mai Nielsen som arbejder med social media ved Sunrise. Vært Christiane Vejlø. Lyt til programmet lige her under eller der hvor du henter dine podcasts. 


ARTICLE: 3D Printing and Global Value Chains: How a new technology may restructure global production

From the birth of industrialization, access to new technology has been a decisive factor in how value added is created and distributed across networks of global production. This article provides a balanced assessment of the potential impact that one of these technologies (3D printing, or 3DP) may have on the structure of Global Value Chains (GVCs). It examines the upgrading opportunities that 3DP provides, and develops two scenarios of the possible impact of 3DP on GVC restructuring: a complementarity scenario, where 3DP is applied to shorten the development cycles of products that are mass-produced using traditional technology and organization; and a substitution scenario, where 3DP partially replaces traditional manufacturing. These two are likely to co-exist for a period of time, but each has distinctive implications in terms of distribution of value added along GVCs and geographically. 


ARTICLE: "Prepare to be Disrupted in a Digitized World"

Anybody who has ever set foot in Indonesia’s capital will know that the perspective of having self-driving cars is intriguing. 

Imagine how time spent behind the wheel could be used on something productive instead of building up frustrations from endless macet — the infamous Jakarta traffic jams. Also, imagine that self-driving cars could automatically find the shortest way to your destination.


INTERVIEW: Märtha Rehnberg Will Turn You Into a Technology Optimist

Can technology save the world? When you read stories about people falling off cliffs because they’re playing Pokemon Go, you probably don’t think so. Märtha Rehnberg doesn’t think so, either—but she still calls herself a “tech optimist”. On paper, the Copenhagen-based entrepreneur is a digital consultant, advising businesses on integrating technological solutions as a partner in the consultancy Dare Disrupt. However, at this year’s Trailerpark I/O, we heard her tell the audience about what really matters to her: promoting “tech intuition” and advocating for “disruptive technology”. A twenty-minute speech isn’t exactly enough time to fully unpack the significance of those two terms—so we decided to ask her about them ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Märtha Rehnberg—and let her turn you into a tech optimist, too.


ARTICLE: Jannick and Anders; Digital teknologi vender op og ned på arbejdsmarkedet

Uanset hvad du laver, vil elementer i dit job på et tidspunkt blive offer for teknologiens ostehøvl. Men samtidig opstår nye job og med dem en ny magtfordeling. Kapitalmagt udfordres af iværksættere, ekspertise udfordres af hurtig forældelse af kompetencer, evnen til at lære nyt bliver altafgørende


ARTICLE: "It's not the Economic Growth Model, it's you"

The economic growth model demands more sophistication than we award it

Dear economic and political leaders,
The term “economy” is originally Greek, and means household management. As a global leader, you share responsibility for the proper management of the household that is our planet, but the majority of you are currently doing a poor job. Under your management, our household is gradually deteriorating because of man-made climate change, and we are leaving an enormous bill for our next residents. When you discuss economic growth, you therefore must accept that we are not growing. 


ARTICLE: Beyond the obvious: A framework for exploiting the impact of 3D printing

This paper reports the development of an alternative framework to help firms asses the role of additive manufacturing within their technology management strategy. Despite much recent attention, there has been little work to identify and classify the ways in which additive manufacturing or 3D printing is used as a strategic weapon for competitive advantage. It is not just a way of reducing supply chain lead time as striking examples are emerging of firms employing more radical business opportunities and innovative design techniques available. We review the existing literature on the technology application, examine the classic nozzle case study to identify previously undocumented opportunities from the technology, and add a new case of a firm with a more holistic and strategic focus. We argue that a multidimensional model is required to classify the various opportunities available and current understanding needs to be widened for firms to take full advantage.


ARTICLE: ‘Technological Intuition’ — The Must-have Skill of the Digital Era


When a technology pops up, a window of opportunity opens to transform our world, to address the truly big issues of our time be it environmental degradation, social inequality or global health. This is a brief yet defining moment that terms how a technology is applied in our homes and organizations, which market players will dominate its development and control its distribution. An attempt to disrupt our world with technology is defined right here, by those present and their abilities. Up until now, this space has naturally and in large been taken up by providers of technology and early adopters. It is them who have defined originality in technology and its disruptive potential, and it is them who finally have moved quickly to build the institutions suitable to promote its widespread application in society. But, as technology is increasingly embedded in society so should the discussions be regarding its purposeful application.